ASCS 33 Photo Gallery

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The conference venue, the Hellenic Museum

Convenor Eva

The keynote speaker, David Konstan

The happy team of helpers

Interior of the Hellenic Museum

The lower lecture room

The trireme in the corner

Jeff Tatum at the lectern

Fiona Tweedie giving her paper

Matthew Trundle the morning after the postgrad function

The first ever poster presentation, Wesley Theobald

The marquee in the back garden

Lining up for tea

The President and First Lady

The President and Secretary

The Treasurer in earnest discussion of finances

The Secretary learning how to do “the snail”

Postgraduate function at The Carlton

Postgraduate function – Kristin, Phoebe and Shannon

Postgraduate function – Frank, Alina and Sam the Snail

Postgraduate function – some of the Kiwis

Postgraduate function – Tania, “Ozzie” and Chris

Postgrad function - MQ students in earnest discussion

Postgraduate function – Matthew and Guess Who?

Postgraduate function – Karen and Miriam

Conference dinner, RACV

Conference dinner – Convenor Eva

Conference dinner – David Konstan

Conference dinner –Early career award winner Sarah with Michael

Conference dinner – OPTIMA prize winner Miriam with Arlene

Conference dinner – AMPHORA shakers Sarah and Sonya

Conference dinner – Jenny and Lawrence, experienced student helpers

Conference dinner – two of the Japanes delegates, Naoki and Ikko

Conference dinner – two postdocs from Bristol, Jess and Greta

Conference dinner – the Editors, Elizabeth and Peter (in contemplative mood)

Conference dinner – the Patron of MaTHSAS

Conference dinner – Randall from Western Ontario and Bronwyn (who laughs with her eyes closed)

Conference dinner – Ralph from Chattanooga and Jeremy from Auckland

Conference dinner – Wesley, Miriam, Karen and Bec

Conference dinner – Fiona and Chris

Apres ski at the Carlton – Bec, the Sec, Miriam and Luca

Apres ski at the Carlton – DK toasting the spotted rhino

Apres ski at the Carlton – “DK, Take your hands of that lady!”

Apres ski at the Carlton – Miriam and the inscrutable Graeme

Apres ski at the Carlton – DK, Dylan and Miriam

Apres ski at the Carlton – Wesley and Jess

Apres ski at the Carlton – Sarah and Corinna

Apres ski at the Carlton – DK and his bevy of beauties


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A photo gallery from ASCS 33 (2012) is now online.

ASCS 34 (2013) - first notice