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Contents of Current Volume - 48 (2014)

C.J. Mackie
Zeus and Mount Ida in Homer’s Illiad
Graeme Bourke
The Eleian Mantic Gene
Christopher Joyce
Mê mnêsikakein and ‘all the laws’ (Andocides, On the Mysteries 81-2): A Reply to E. Carawan
Frances Billot
Representing the Battle of Zama to Create a Iconic Event
Lazar Maric
Sincere Humans and Insincere Beasts: Ciceo’s Politics of Humanity
Bob Cowan
Cinna’s Trouser Snake – or the Biter Bit? Alternative Interpretations of Cinna fr. 12FRP
Clare Rowan
Showing Rome in the Round: Reinterpreting the ‘Commemorative Medallions’ of Antoninus Pius
Geoffrey Dunn
Episcopal Crisis Management in Late Antique Gaul: The Example of Exsuperius of Toulouse


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