ASCS - The Australasian Society for Classical Studies  

Guidelines for Special Panels at ASCS Conferences

  1. Any member of ASCS may organize a special panel of papers to be presented at an ASCS meeting.
  2. The convener, chair and all members of the panel must be financial members of ASCS unless they fall under the exception allowed to international visitors.
  3. Panels must consist of three papers so as to fit with the de facto scheduling of 90-minute sessions at ASCS meetings.
  4. Abstracts must conform to the Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts, must be submitted by the deadline stipulated in the Call For Papers, and must go through the abstract review process.
  5. Special Panel submissions must include the following:
    a. Name and details of the panel convenor, the session chair and the contributing members (use the coversheet for special panels).
    b. Title of the special panel and a brief (150 word) explanation of the theme of the panel.
    c. Title and abstracts of the three papers, each submitted using the ASCS abstract coversheet.
  6. Anonymised details of the panel and the papers will be provided to the conference Program Review Committee.
  7. Panel conveners will be informed about the success of their panels at the same time as members who submitted individual papers.
  8. In the event that a panel is rejected, some of its papers may still be accepted as individual papers.


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