ASCS 34 Photo Gallery

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The majority of these photographs were taken by Penny Walker from Macquarie University, while a few more were provided by Lea Beness, also from Macquarie University.

Waiting for Opening Reception

Official Welcome - John Vallance, Headmaster, Sydney Grammar

Official Welcome - Ken Sheedy, Blanche Menadier, Anna Trofimova, John Vallance and MacqU VC

Official Opening - Ken Sheedy, Blanche Menadier and John Vallance

Opening Reception - Paul McKechnie and Art Pomeroy with some postgrads

Opening Reception Neil Morpeth and Geoff Fishburn

Opening Reception

Opening Reception

Opening reception - Fred Bendeich, Kathleen Zakis and Frank Strk

Opening Reception - Peter Brennan, Michelle and Rachel

Opening Reception - Geoff Fishburn, Doug Kelly, Kathleen Zakis and Tom Hillard

Opening Reception - Chris Matthew, Brian Bosworth, Liz Baynham, Pauline Allen and Geoff Dunn

Opening Reception - Andy Stewart and friends

Opening Reception - Doug Kelly and Roger Scott

Opening Reception - Retiring Secretary (incognito)

Corinna Box, UMelb

Brent Nongbri, MacqU

Alexander Stream - Ed Anson, Little Rock, Arkansas

Alexander stream - Hugh Bowden

During one of the delicious breaks

Dinner - Gil Davis and David Phillips

Dinner - Sarah Lawrence and Peter Davis

Dinner - Wesley Theobald and Lea Beness

Dinner - Malcolm Choat and Roger Scott

Dinner - Tristan Taylor

Dinner - The Cat in the Tie

Dinner - Conference Co-Convenors Crowned: Blanche and Ken


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