ASCS 31 Photo Gallery

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Winthrop Hall

Tired convenor at registration

A revitalised Convenor after the camera clicked

The opening reception in the Sunken Garden

Classicists are a thirsty lot

Neil O’Sullivan introducing the UWA Vice Chancellor at the opening

The UWA Vice Chancellor officially opening the conference

The “heavies” at the opening reception

The President and first lady

Ron and Therese Ridley

The Convenor and her husband recovering at the reception: note the two glasses of champagne required

Jeff Tatum and Diana Burton at the opening reception

David Pritchard and Geoffrey Dunn

Han Baltussen and Alanna Nobbs

John Melville Jones registering

Frances Mills and John Penwill registering

Kurt Raaflaub giving the keynote lecture

Breakfast at Trinity College where many conference delegates stayed

Morning tea set up in the UWA Club before the bell

After the bell

The Secretary


The Treasurer


The third triumvirate running the AGM

Debbie Boedeker and Elizabeth Minchin at the presidential dinner

A typical session during the conference

Loading up the plates at the farewell barbecue

Emptying the plates

Vice Chancellory

Another view of Winthrop Hall

The Arts Building

One of the resident peacocks about to enter the Arts Building to enrol in a Classics course

The resident peacock dejectedly leaving after failing to be accepted



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