Offers of Papers

The deadline for the offer of papers was Friday 30th September 2011. No further papers can be accepted as the deadline has passed.

If you are thinking of offering a paper, there are a number of changes which have been introduced for this conference, and you are asked to note them carefully. Only one offer will be accepted from any one person. It has been a requirement for many years now that a person attending the conference (and offering a paper) must be an ASCS member; if you are not a member and wish to join in order to attend ASCS 33, you can find a membership application form on the ASCS website (, under ‘membership’). Scholars from overseas (except New Zealand) will not be required to become ASCS members, nor will those interested people from the local community who wish to attend for one or two days of the conference (there is a special day rate for such people on the registration form).

Postgraduate students who wish to offer a paper are asked to complete a form (click here) indicating what degree they are enrolled for, what year of candidature they have reached and the name of their supervisor(s). This form should be attached to the offer of a paper. Masters candidates and postgraduates in the first year of their candidature should consider presenting initially at a postgraduate conference like Amphora.

An alternative to offering a paper, particularly for postgraduate students, is a ‘poster presentation’, and we would be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to present using this format.

All offers of papers will be reviewed (anonymously) by a program committee who will make recommendations to the Conference Convenor about acceptance of the papers and the groupings to which they might be allocated.

Offers of papers should be accompanied by an abstract of 200-300 words; the maximum number of words will be insisted on (in order to keep the conference booklet to a manageable length), and any abstracts in excess of it may be returned to the person making the offer to be reworded to fit the maximum; delays in conforming to this limit could lead to the rejection of the offer. Papers should be 20 minutes in length, to be followed by 10 minutes for discussion.

Offers of papers and abstracts, or of poster presentations, or interest in offering a paper, panels and other presentations etc. should be sent in the first instance to the ASCS Secretary, Bruce Marshall ( All that is needed is the title, your university or other affiliation, and the abstract of your paper or summary of your proposal.